Make an SL9 Assualt Rifle Using K'nex

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Hello k'nex gun community. I have been trying many guns out such as ipod killer's sniper rifle, Kilerk's pistol and faust's AST rifle. I took lots of ideas from those guns and combined them into one to make . The trigger is still being worked on and let me hear your ideas.

Shoots yellow rods 25-35 feet with one rubber band!! I have shot 70 with 3 rubber bands. It is modeled after the Heckler and Koch SL9 assault rifle. This is my first Instructable I have posted so I'm saying the classic " Be Nice." The firing mechanism and other features are mixed from many other guns. Many thanks to Ipod killer, Mepain, perfect duck, killerk, faust and mykhailo.I am not responsible for any injuries, destroyed property or any other bad things. Enjoy and be safe!!!


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Step 1: Parts List

You will need...

17 red
55 yellow
23 white
27 orange
11 green
40 blue snowflakes with a space in them

10 yellow
104 white
8 red
51 blue
176 green
1 gray

1 socket connector
3 rubber bands

Step 2: The Stock

The stock of this gun is made of 5 layers and is connected by blue rods. If you don't have enough parts to build this gun, you can make the out of three layers. I don't recommend this idea to everyone for gun strength, looks, the feel, and it hasn't been tested. If you do choose to do this, use white rods to connect the layers for comfort.

Step 3: Ram

This is my ram. It is like normal rams but it has orange connectors instead to gray.

Step 4: Trigger

Finally, time to rest your fingers. The easist part of the gun, my original trigger! (flop) Hey what's better, a horrible trigger, of conforming with everyone? Anyway this is it.

Step 5: Barrel

This is my barrel, the heart of the gun.

Step 6: Assembling Your Parts

This is the basic assembly of the parts you have just constructed. Please read the next step if you encounter any problems or even if you don't. (Please don't come saying my trigger sucks and it isn't worth building, I am already aware of that.)

Step 7: Trouble Shooting

This trouble shooter works like a scenario. If you encounter a problem that I didn't list, please tell me.

1. My trigger keeps braking.
1. Invent a better one OR tape it up real good.

2. My barrel doesn't fit to the stock.
2. Check where you placed your hopper. It should only be connected to the white connectors not yellow.

3. My ram chopped a piece of a yellow connector off.
3. Don't replace it, it will happen again. The gun actually fires better with that part gone.

4. All my rods are flying out the top of the hopper.
4. Put something over it like tape or a piece of paper.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Personally i think the stock is a bit to chuncky and uses too many peaces for a stock but overall nice work


    11 years ago on Introduction

    dude i got your gun to fire sosmething like 100 ft


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi guys, I'm new to Instructables but not knex guns, i also made an Sl9 rifle, really i didn't use this, but due to lack of materials i had to sacrifice some stuff, so its not yet Instructables worthy, but do you guys want so see it? I still have to work some issues out ( bullets spiral out of the top ten feet in the air, and 3 feet forward, not so intimidating...)

    1 reply

    sounds cool. Maybe you could use that bullet spiral to your advantage. Like if someone is high up behind a ledge so you can't get a direct shot, so you just shoot straight forward, and the bullet pops up and lands on target any way, lol. Unusual scenario, but hey.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    guys shud i post my deagle? its roughly 18 cm . it has a detatchable clip for the handle it is a tru trigger, and its not bulky, but still has a good range and fires green rods, shud i post? oh and minty i got the idea from your pistol.

    2 replies
    wrestler 103

    11 years ago on Introduction

    blubber, shut up! you come on here and complain about the knex guns... if i was still three, i wouldnt even be able to read the instructions, or interpret them very good. you giving us a bad name. if you dont like the knex guns, then stay away! far away. and dont call them stupid and imature. i agree with knex_owns_you... it is just a hobby! i guess our world is full of morons who dont like something so they have to treat the people who like it like crap. feel free to respond to this, i would love to hear it!

    3 replies
    blubberwrestler 103

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    hmmmm well its a bit hard to stay away and ignore it When i see it everyday on this site so shut your trap i dont mind your hobbies as long as you dont clog the site full of it i dont