Make an Simple Pet Feed Reminder With Linkit ONE

Introduction: Make an Simple Pet Feed Reminder With Linkit ONE

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Do you Forget to feed your pet sometimes?
Then, this Instructable is for you.
Forgetting to feed your pet is really a bad Habit ! Because they are also like us and need food to live . To make your pet happy there are 2 things on top list:
1. Play
2. Food

In this Instructable, we only need an link it ONE + Sim card of your Choice....
The linkit one board uses our gsm sim card to send message to our phone on daily basis ,
The whole project is portable as we would be using the battery which comes with link it one..
In my Opinion the battery would last over an week.
This Pet feed Reminder sends an SMS to your Phone like "Your pet is Hungry!" (Editable in the Code)
Every day at same time (+- 10min.) when you switch on the board with battery.

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Step 1: Get Things Ready..

Get Link it one Board + your Sim.
You sim should be of an Regular size no Nano or micro sims are Supported.
Therefore if you are like me then you can buy aa sim card adapter like i used in the project.

And Insert it in the SIM Holder of Link it one + attach GSM Antenna to Link it one.

Step 2: Upload the Code

Upload the Code Given below.
Change the Phone Numbers + Message according to your needs.

How the code works:

The code sends an message every 24hours so first it checks if sms cellular signal is available or not... And this if available then the message would be sent otherwise the whole board will again wait for a minute and try again.

Step 3: Done...

As you might have known that this project is fully portable.
You can also leave it in your almirah ON and Receive Daily Reminders.

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Thanks to Everybody for Viewing!

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