Make Arm Mount 4 Action Cam



Introduction: Make Arm Mount 4 Action Cam

I love building things, creating, developing concepts and trying them out, pushing the boundaries...

This tutorial will show you how to make an action camera arm mount.

Using a surfboard, boogie board, or paddle board, or even a kayak leash leg/arm strap.

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Step 1: Items Needed

So, the cameras, video cameras and action cameras that sport nuts use nowadays, gotta be mounted just about everywhere.

The screw and wing nut are 1/4-20 (Dia/thread) buy whatever inches long you need, or extra and cut away excess length.

My paddle board leash broke, so I recycled my leash wrap.

I used a dremmel to cut away and grind, and a drill to drill the hole in the screw.

Step 2: Disassemble

undo the locking screw and remove the leash attachment: the metal swivel piece.

Step 3: Measure

To eliminate extra work, use the key looking part of the screw.

After I removed the pieces, I aligned everything and measured the length of the screw where I needed to cut (On the screw).

I also measured the wing nut, since I need to trim it down a lot in order to fit snug with the rubber insert.

Special note: You can use another thinner nut, maybe wider that's easier to turn. This nut will be used to lock the camera in place.

Step 4: Cut the Screw and Recheck Length

I already measured so I knew it would fit perfect.

Special Note: I was careful not to damage the key looking part of the screw, just in case I had to use it.

I aligned the original insert with the screw I would use, to ensure that the threads would protrude enough to mount the camera.

Also, you can see how much I trimmed the wing nut compared to the original.

Step 5: Drill Hole

Now other bands might have their insert hole and leash rope connector larger or smaller, so you'll have to determine what the diameter is on your leash wrap.

I used a drill bit the size of the locking screw for a similar fit.

Almost done, just need to trim the hole so the locking screw can fit good.

Step 6: Mounting Hole Recon

So, my original screw that I did not divulge on how I flattened it to fit into the leash wrap, broke anyway so, I used the key looking part, it will work.

I drilled the hole first, then cut off the sides of the key (not too close to the hole.

Step 7: Insert and Attach

After prepping the screw and ensuring the its fit into the arm band's screw mount, lock it in with the locking screw, this usually is secured with an Allen wrench.

Step 8: Reattach All Parts

Since I locked the screw in, it won't be coming out.

Add the wing nut upside down. This nut is to secure the camera when you screw the camera in.

Step 9: Finished

Alrighty then, the arm band camera mount is finished, and now you can attach a camera and lock it with the wing nut.

Note: as you can see, the screw is a little too long, however, I will trim it down to the correct size tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in and I hope this helps or inspired you to recycle or just make your own.

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