Make Art With Vintage Game Pieces




Introduction: Make Art With Vintage Game Pieces

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Games and special toys don’t have to be stored away in neatly stacked boxes. Enjoy your memories everyday by recreating those pieces into wall art.

I was inspired by an old Anagrams game and wooden blocks to make personalized art for our family. The little letters on the vintage tiles seemed just so perfect to create a word puzzle to express our family’s mojo.

Step 1: Materials

- Vintage Games.

I’m using old wooden blocks and Anagrams.

- Bondera or any adhesive, glue works perfectly.

- A wooden Board

- Scissors

Step 2: The How-To

  • Lay out the game pieces so you can have an accurate size idea. After I made the word puzzle pattern with the game pieces and toys, I measured and cut a board to length.
  • Then I used a paint technique to give the board a vintage look.
  • Instead of using glue or another type of adhesive, I chose a tile mat adhesive called Bondera. While it’s made for tile, it’s really perfect for crafting projects. I’m able to place the pieces on the board and manipulate them to their exact location before firmly pressing the pieces into the adhesive so they are permanently afixed. If you don’t have that, glue will work just fine.
  • I use the blocks to make a cute frame for the project. Once the frame is attached and secure, I transferred the inspirational word puzzle I created with the Anagrams to the center of the frame.

Step 3: Enjoy!



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    I used some old Scrabble games to do photo collages of my dogs. It was at fun and they've been a big hit.


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