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An easy tutorial to teach you make a beaded human skeleton model for kids. I used 77 white seed beads and 9 black seed beads. Check it out!


Step 1: ​Materials on How to Make a Human Skeleton:

4mm white seed beads

4mm black seed beads

5mm black copper wire

Tool sets (Wire cutting plier; Flat plier; Round nose plier)

Step 2: Make Legs of Beaded Human Skeleton

1st, cut off a 40mm copper wire, slide 4 white beads to wire, leave 8mm from one end to the bead, thread the 8mm wire to the first bead and tighten the wire, then add 3 white beads to both wires;

Step 3:

2nd, bend the wires a bit to the right, add 5 white beads, wrap some loops round the long wire with the short wire, cut down extra wire, the first leg is done;

Step 4: Make Body of Beaded Human Skeleton

Do the same to make the other leg, cross both ends through 3 white beads and tighten, continue to cross both wires through 4 white beads, 1 white bead, 1white bead, 1 white 1 black and 1white beads, 5 white beads, 2 white 1black and 2 white beads, 4 white beads in order, the body shape is done;

Step 5: Make Arms of Beaded Human Skeleton

Slide 10 white beads to wire, thread the wire back through the 4th-10th beads and tighten, then bend the wire down from the place between the 7th to 8th bead, do the same to make the other arm;

Step 6: Make Head of Beaded Human Skeleton

1st, cross both wire through 2 white beads, 1 white 1 black 1 white beads, 1 white 1 black 1 white bead 1black 1white beads, 4 white beads, 3 white beads in order and tighten, the head is done;

2nd, twist both wires together, make a loop by round nose plier, wrap the rest wires round the loop, at last, cut off the extra wires and conceal in case stab your skin;

Step 7: The Final Look of Human Skeleton Model for Kids:



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    Love it! Months ago I was thinking about make a skeleton out of beads...but I have no idea how... and I let the idea in standby. An here's is the solution! Thanks for sharing it!

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This would be fun made from those candy beads - could act as both decor and snack!

    1 reply