Make Body Alkaline Cheap and Easy

Body PH should be slightly alkaline. You can tell if your body is building alkaline reserves by testing your urine's ph.

It's not about eating foods that aren't acidic.

It's about eating foods high in minerals and dissolved atmospheric gasses. That is what the body uses to buffer the ph of the blood. Without enough buffers in your diet, the body leaches them from your bones and other systems to make up for it. And when you drink plain water, those buffers are flushed right out in dilute urine, a vicous cycle leading to osteoporisis and possibly other health conditions.

In the picture from top to bottom is the ph of various liquids. The top one which is red is lemon juice. Next is my urine before trying to go alkaline. It's around 5.5. Slightly acidic, no change in color. Next is potassium bicarbonate water. Next is baking soda water, which is more alkaline. Last is plain tap water, which is ever so slightly alkaline.

Step 1: No Need for Baking Soda Water.

I'm not saying baking soda water doesn't work. But you can do the same thing by changing your diet. The biggest thing is to cut grains and processed sugars.

The body adapts to excess protein consumption but not so much with grains and sugars.

Step 2: What I Ate to Turn Urine Alkaline

-Whole milk

-citrus (including lemons, actually mostly lemons)


I know fruit's a gamble.

If you get some bad fruit, take it and your receipt and bring it back to the store. Yes, it is their fault for unthinkingly purchasing large orders of fruit without testing the quality, and it's also their fault for not letting you sample the fruit.

And its also their fault for putting delicate fruits like pears and avacodos out before they are ripe. People handle and squeeze unripe fruit so much that by the time it is ripe, it's also mostly rotten and ends up getting pitched.

It's also farmer's fault for breeding food for shelf life over flavor.

If you do get some 'flavorless fruit', such as strawberries, wait a week or so before returning them to see if they don't get sweeter. I know strawberries will, so just pick the ones that look nicest. They'll rot before they ripen in your fridge though. Just leave them out on the counter. Apples that are foamy are not going to get crispy again. Take them back. Be the change you wish to see in the produce department. Eat the good stuff. Return the bad stuff. They won't know they're buying bad fruit if people don't return it and they'll keep buying it and turning people off of fruit and on to junk food. If you're worried about the stores profit margin, know that you're actually doing it a favor in the long run. Stores having more good fruit that people can trust to be good equals more people buying fruit with confidence.

It is hard to buy bad lemons or bananas.

Step 3: How to Do the Testing

Just dip the tip of the strip into the stream of your urine or if you want you can urinate in a container and dip the strip. Whichever is less gross to you. It does not have to be fully submerged.

Step 4: But What Does It All Mean?

I dont know. Sometimes the strips turn green, sometimes they don't change at all, regardless of what I eat. Who knows?



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