Make Bow Rings

Introduction: Make Bow Rings

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Why go buy a bow ring when you can make your own??? This will spazz up the outfit youre wearing. Its not hard at all

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Step 1: Materials

You will need a few things: 1-oven bake clay 2-nail polish (optional) 3-gloss (optional) 4-a shaping knife 5- a regular knife 6- rolling utensil 7- ring bases

Step 2: Choose and Cut

~ Choose a color of your choice. ~ Cut 3/4 of that peice of clay

Step 3: Making the Bow

~ mold the peice of clay. Soften it. ~Roll it to an oval shape. ~ use the rolling tube to flatten the oval ~ take the two corners and bring them to the center ~Add detail by taking the shaping knife and from the back, making a dent towards the front ~Now get 1/8 of a peice of clay ~ smooth it out and roll it to a skinny & tall oval. ~ use the rolling tube to flatten it out. ~ now take this peice of clay and wrap it around the bow ~bake the bow (read the instructions on label) ~ hot glue the product on a ring base

Step 4: Youre Done!!

Now you can enjoy your rings. ~ if u did not like the color of your clay, change it with nailpolish ~ it would be better if u were to gloss the rings for a better and cleaner shine ~ decorate with whatever you'd like :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Lol... I Just Bought Some Bows And Took Off The Clip And Super-Glued Them To Some Rig Bases I Had Lying Around... Still, This Is Cute

    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    I love this!!!!