Make Butter Top Bread

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There was a commercial for Home Pride "Butter Top" Bread years ago and I've always wanted to try making it at home. The other night I was making bread and after it had risen I split the top, poured in melted butter, and baked it.

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Step 1:

This will be a very short tutorial. The bread looked great and smelled great. I sliced it and looked for the buttery part. I couldn't see one. I couldn't taste butter where I poured it into the slit I had cut. It had all dispersed. Bummer. I ended up adding butter, because I like butter. But the whole procedure added nothing to the finished product. I expect Home Pride knows something I don't about baking Butter Top Bread. But just for that nostalgic feeling, I've included the link to the old Butter Top Commercial on YouTube. I'd say these people are way too into bread, but bread is delicious, so I understand.



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    3 years ago

    Wow! thank you. Love your friendly and clear presentation.