Make Cardboard Box Magazine or Book Holder



Introduction: Make Cardboard Box Magazine or Book Holder

Instead of buying a magazine or book rack for my kitchen I just made one!
I simply was thrilled by the outcome , pretty rustic and so frugal! Made a kickass magazine holder for a penny!

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Step 1: Make Cardboard Box Magazine or Book Holder

Heres what you need

Old cardboard box
Corrugated sheet. You could use whatever you like. Maybe fabric/handmade paper/jute. I had a lot of corrugated sheets lying around so I found good use of it
Paper Doilies

Step 2: Make Cardboard Box Magazine or Book Holder

Cut the flaps of the cardboard box
Cut the strip of corrugated sheet/fabric/jute/handmade paper of the length and height of the box
Stick around, covering the sides of the box completely
Take paper doilies and stick at the top. It adds charm to your magazine holder and covers up all the flaws too!
Your magazine and book holder is ready!!!

I have also uploaded the instructions on my blog

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