Make Charging Cell Phone Holder From Old Jeans



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In this tutorial I am using a old jeans which were just sitting in my cabinet for years I thought why not I use it to make something which could be useful for me like charging mobile holder which holds the mobile when charging and the socket is placed on some height,It's very great fun project to make.

Step 1: Things We Need

For this toturial you will need

Old Jeans

Cotton Roll

Thread Needle


Step 2: Cutting

Carefully cut out the pocket and clear it from all its' surround jeans part

Step 3: Making a Hanger

Cut out the jeans leg part and make it a clear rope type sew it behind the pocket with the thread needle our charging mobile hanger is ready now put the mobile in it and hang it over the socket without any hassle of finding the table or chair to put the mobile over it.

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