Make Clarified Butter Out of TRASH Cream

Introduction: Make Clarified Butter Out of TRASH Cream

New city, new place, no fridge, fresh food.

Life is fun, food is fresh and amazing but what i miss the most is the richness of my food. Butter chicken or daal makhni, roti with sarso ka saag; some famous dishes of India.

Getting ghee ( clarified butter) is easy. around 400 rps per kg of it.

GHEE is excellent choice for kids,

I mostly fry foxnuts in ghee for my baby boy.

GHEE has so many uses.

it is used in parathas, daals, butter paneer, making fried egg, baking a cake.

The list goes on and on.

since we travelled here, we were on packet whole milks, pasturized ones.

they are good source of milk ( when you need some thing right away as well as you need to avoid storing)

when even I gave milk ( boiled) to my baby boy, I always strained it so that the cream pieces don't cloge the nipples pores.

every day ( for 2 months) each and every strain went down the drain.

The requirement of ghee was getting high every other day, we always made our own ghee instead of buying the shop ones.

It was just a family tradition.

A day came when I decided I need to check if I can actually make ghee out of this strained cream.

so I begun to seperate the strained cream in another air tight bowl. until it clicked me that the cream we mostly stored in freezer, we always took it out 3 days prior of starting the ghee process. the reason was that it had to stay out in shade for 3 days until it was ready to change into butter, this way it can break better to form butter on it's full potential.

so I kept collecting it for 15 days untill I noticed that the cream collected was almost 3/4 box full. ( 250 grams)

after a few trials and errors I succeeded in making ghee.

let me show you how!

Step 1: Boiling Milk ( Collecting Cream)

as you can see in the picture, I boiled the milk, and once it was cool enough I removed the cream.

this cream shown in the plastic jug is skimmed of 400 grams milk.

Step 2:

I am sorry I don't have pictures of how i made butter out of that left over cream. but in coming 3 days I will post new pictures,

till then i can tell you what did I go. the cream was left at room temprature each and every day. I filled it with more cream every day.

once the cream was around 250 grams. I blended that cream using a hand blender. the cream would instantly change to butter but you won't be able to feel it until you pour cold water over it for the butter to solidify.

as I don't have fridge so in these hot days, I freeze a 330 ml water bottle at a nearby shop, and use it as an ice cube for my water cooler supply.

that's how I got cold water for making ghee.

Step 3: This Is the BUTTER

add cold water little by little ( 50 ml every time) and keep blending untill you reach above texture of butter. ( for extracting a good amount of butter from cream mixture.

your ratio should be 1:4 to cream:water

250 grams cream to 750-1000 grams of water.

using your hand or a spatula form a ball of all the butter, removing water in btw

throw that water (it is actually butter milk but due to the fact that cream had some left over expired milk we will drain this butter milk) and refill it with ne cold water to wash the butter in.

this time you need less water for washing.

Step 4: Heat the Butter Up

make sure that you are blending the cream mixture in the steel / or heat proof bowl which you can place of electric stove or flame later on. this way your butter will not be discarded from pan to pan.

keep your clarified butter ( ghee) on low heat settings untill, all the impurities settles at the bottom and ghee turns slightly green and clear.

the yellowish ghee is over cooked one so keep a close eye.

there is a difference in cow's ghee and bafallow ghee,, one is white and second is yellow naturally.

if you find that you ghee is clear since beginning look for olive green colour for perfection.

If your ghee is yellow since the butter melted ( like mine here) follow my pictures for perfect demonstration.

Step 5:

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