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Hi...Now I'm gonna show you how to make this cool profile image using Photoshop.

Watch Youtube Video.

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Step 1: Make Cool Profile Image in Photoshop - How To:

1. Upload Image

2. Remove Background - Watch my previous video to learn how to:

3. Duplicate Image Layer

4. Make a mask from duplicated image layer

5. Make mask using Elliptical Marquee Tool

6. Cut out eyes from mask using Elliptical Marquee Tool (Then Go: Edit - Clear)

7. Adjust mask face - size & position (go to Edit - Free Transform)

8. Upload Muscle FACE (Mask) and adjust size and position as well

9. Do some Color correction (Go to Image - Adjustments)

10. Make Black&White Image (Image - Adjustments - Black & White)

11. To to image - canvas size and resize image

12. Add Background - I choose black One (Go to: Layer - New - Background from Layer)

13. When you're done save the image to your PC

Step 2: Image Steps:

Step 3: More Steps:

Step 4: Make Your Own Image - Download Muscle Face PNG File

Here's the link:

How to Download: Open link - Mouse Right Click on Image - Click Save Image As... and y'll save it to your PC

Step 5: F I N a L Result

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Tater Zoid

4 years ago

You made this look pretty easy, I have to try it.