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Hello friends in this instructable i will show you how to modify Toy DC Motor to Transparent DC Motor in very simple steps and one special thing here is materials needed to make this is available in your home :)

It is ideal project for science fair too

Step 1: Transparent DC Motor Video Https:// Click on the Link to watch this amazing modification

Step 2: Lets Begin!

  • Syringe is used as a transparent body
  • Use the syringe which is having hole in the middle not in side
  • Tip is Cut
  • Rub it using sand paper for smooth finish
  • Cut the syringe as per the length of Rotor

Step 3: DC Motor Disassembly

  • Toy DC Motor is opened
  • Rotor is removed from motor body
  • Parts are seperated
  • Magnet is taken out

Step 4: Coupling Up!

  • Take the syringe body which was prepared earlier
  • Insert the rotor
  • Attach the base
  • Stick the magnets on either side(shown in image)

Now u have Transparent DC Motor! Hope u enjoyed my instructable please share this idea with your loved ones let them enjoy too :)

Thank you and have a good day!



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    5 months ago

    A clever way to see what's happening inside a motor.