Make Delicious Choi Pitha

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Make delicious choi pitha

Step 1: Supplies

You need
flour 1 cup
paste of onion and garlic
turmeric powder

Step 2: Dough Making Part 1

Take a bowl and mix all of the supplies and put them on stove
Take it off from stove after they look like this

Step 3: Dough Making Part 2

Make a perfect daugh by the mixture

Step 4: Pie Making

Now using your hand take a little amount of the dough and give it s water drop shape

Step 5: Pie Boiling

Take a bowl half of water
Put it on the stove
Then take a another bowl
Which should have some holes in it
Put the pies on it.
Then place the bowl with pies over the bowl on stove with water
Cover it with a lid

Step 6: Frying

Now take a pan with half cup oil and put some peaces of a onion,scallions and salt
Then put the pies on it



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    mchowdhury mumu

    Reply 3 years ago

    you can eat this with ketchup