Make Dices Out of Sugru!

Introduction: Make Dices Out of Sugru!

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Sugru's magic can be applied to lots of other stuff, apart from fixing things, such as table top games!
Here we will model some dices which we can use to play around with.
It's easy!

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Step 1: Form the Dice

Get a single Sugru pack and start forming a little cube with your fingers.
It's pretty straightforward.

Step 2: Smoothen the Dice

Put the dice on the table and start rolling it around on its six faces, so it gets slowly more even.
When you think you can smoothen it anymore with your fingers, get a ruler and do the same thing. Push it gently on the table with a ruler to achieve flat faces on all sides.
You need to do this several times to get a good result.
(Don't worry if there are some irregularities, it should not influence the dice's movements if you do it right.)
Once you are satisfied, leave the dice for 24 on a safe place so it dries up.

Step 3: Paint It Up

24h later, the dice should be solid and you able to throw it around like a normal dice.
You can paint the numbers on it now or any other artwork you like to see there. That's a great way to customize it!
Make sure that the numbers equal on opposite sides always 7, as in the attached image (if you choose to have numbers on them)

Step 4: Enjoy!

We liked them so much we did some in 3 different colours, try it yourself!

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    4 Discussions

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    5 years ago

    You might want to mention the number layout. Each side and it's direct opposite side always equal 7. So 6 would be opposite of 1. 5 of 2, and 4 of 3.

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. I always thought that was a really interesting fact.