Make Double-sided Pillow Case With Button Decoration and Envelope Closure 12 X 18 "




Introduction: Make Double-sided Pillow Case With Button Decoration and Envelope Closure 12 X 18 "

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This is my latest pillow design called LAYLA and I'm happy to share it with you. Although it looks complicated it is fast and unbelievably easy to make. Here are instructions on how to make your very own lumbar pillow cover 12 x 18 inch and  save the expense of buying new pillow.

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Step 1: Before You Start - Wash and Iron the Fabrics.

This design is very suitable for using small pieces of vintage fabrics. But if you are plannning to use new fabrics wash them beforehand in the way you will normally wash your pillow case. Otherwise, the unwashed sewn fabric can shrink in a hot wash or dryer later.

Step 2: Geather Materials Needed:

- three different fabrics - solid brown, solid beige and one patterned in matching colors.
- three fabric-covered buttons out of patterned material we are going to use for the back of he cover.
- matching threads - brown and beige
- scissors
- pen/pencil for marking
- ruler of some sort
- sewing machine
- iron & board
- measuring tape
- needle
- pins

Step 3: Cut the Fabrics /all Sizes in Inches/:

#1 Panel 13.5 x 19.5 striped fabric for the back side /the size of the finished cover is 12 x 18/. Make sure you are following the direction of the stripes as shown on the picture.
#2 Panel 13.5 x 8.5 solid brown
#3 Panel 13.5 x 3.5 striped fabric /again make sure you are following the direction of the stripes as shown on the picture/
#4 Panel 13.5 x 17 solid beige

For the best result choose fabrics with a similar weight and corresponding colors.

Step 4: Iron and Pin...

Take brown panel #2 and place it right side up. Then, take striped panel #3 and place it wrong side up at the edge of the large panel. Once your edges are aligned, pin down the side about an inch and a half.

Take beige panel #4 , place it wrong side up and fold over  1/4” twice to enclose the raw edge and iron. Pin.

Step 5: Sew the Beige Panel:

Sew the folded edge of panel #4. Iron again #4 and it's ready.

Step 6: Sew Together Panels #2 and #3.

Step 7: Iron and Pin Again...

Iron once panels #2 and #3 on the right side.
Fold over striped #3 1/4” once to enclose the raw edge and iron.
Fold over striped #3 twice, iron and pin. Make sure only 1/4” of it stays visible on the edge of the right side of brown panel #2. Pin on the wrong side.

Step 8: Sew and Iron Again

Sew them together. Iron again.

Step 9: The Buttons.

Mark the right place of the buttons on the right side of the brown fabric. First one is in the middle, additional two are 3" inches away both directions. Sew them.

Step 10: Sew All Together

Lay Striped #1 panel face up, then lay the button part face down, then overlap wit solid beige pannel face down again.
Pin and sew all around the outer edge with a 1/2” seam.
Sew the seams with a zig-zag seam finish.

Step 11: Turn and Iron Finished Cover.

Turn it to the right side and iron the edges flat to make a clean and crisp look.

Step 12: Your Pillow Cover Is Ready!

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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very good idea. Thanks so much.
    I love your pillows. You do beautiful work!
    Thanks again


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What dimensions would I use to make a 12x16 size pillow?

    Delinda Boutique
    Delinda Boutique

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    hi, it would be easier to cut the same sizes. Then on Step 10 make the correction - cut 1 inch stripes from left and right just before sewing all together.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is so beautiful! The colors are so nice. I can learn something from you! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!