Make Expresso Using Saeco Aroma Expresso Machine



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I am gonna show you how to make a cup of espresso using a Saeco aroma.


Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need:

The espresso machine
A coffee mug
Coffee beans
a grinder (I am using Saeco Connical Burr Grinder)
a 1 cup measuring cup
Extra cup

Step 2: To Begin

Grind your coffee beans using the espresso setting on the coffee grinder. Once you have coffee grinds push the bar to the left to take off the part you will put the coffee grinds in, and put the grinds in until its half full. Push the black on button on the side of the machine. Wait for the top button on the front of the coffee maker to turn red.

Step 3: Officialy Start Making the Expresso

When the button turns red put the measuring cup under the part you just put coffee in, and push the button that turned red. When the scoop is full push it again to stop the coffee. Carefully pour the coffee in the scoop into the mug.

Step 4: Not Done Yet...

Toward the back of the machine there is a steaming wand. Pull it straight out and put your extra cup under it. Push the button under the first one and wait till it turns red. When it does, turn the knob slowly to the left until water and steam come out. When only steam is coming out. Turn it off, dump out all the water, and fill it part of the way full of milk and put the cup back under. Make it so the steaming wand is in the milk and turn the knob again to steam the milk. when its foamy and the bottom is warm its done. Pour it into you mug and enjoy!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    WOW, How Ingenious ... Maybe next time you can show me how to make microwave popcorn using a microwave.