Make Featherboard With Laser Cutter



About: My Small Workshop. To develop and build on the ideas that I have.

Featherboard is a tool. Very useful When we want to cut wood safely.

Prevent the kickback of cut wood. And push the wood instead of hand pressure. There may be a risk of accident.

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Step 1: First Steps to Finding Information

I find the information from the Internet is very easy to write new.

Step 2: Drawing Step

I do not need a new design. Because it's good anyway. So I remember the size. Then drawing with CorelDRAW. in a quick step in the video. And you can download the file

Step 3: Laser Cut

I use a 4 mm thick plywood cut with a 60 watt laser using power 26%

Step 4: Glue and Assemble

Step 5: Color and Nut

I use yellow shades for wood.

Fitting nut head size 17 mm

Step 6: ​complete

First completed
Note: Second, you need to drill your tool (as an alternative). Third, you can cut plaswood instead of wood, which is more soft than plywood.

Step 7: Try It Out

Watch video and enjoy the fun.



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