Make Fire Without Matches or Lighter! Steelwool + Battery = Sparks Flames Fire




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quick way to start a fire when you have no lighter and no matches. *as a bonus, i've included written instructions on how to start a fire with a magnifying glass

Step 1: Watch Short Video... (1 Min. Long)

Step 2: Read Description...

start a fire using 9 volt battery and steelwool. no matches, lighters or flint needed. works amazingly well. other batteries work but 9 volt is the best.

Step 3: Items Needed...

1.) steel wool pad or pads

2.) 9v volt battery

3.) twigs, sticks, leaves

Step 4: How to Do It...

all you have to do is touch the 9 volt battery to the steel wool for a brief moment and their will be fire.

Step 5: Here's a Few Pics...

take a piece of the steel wool pad and pull it apart a little. then set some twigs, sticks and or leaves on top of the steel wool. then all you do is touch the battery to the steel wool for a very short time. it works almost instantly. see pics above

Step 6: Here's a Few Pics With Just the Steel Wool (no Twigs, Leaves or Sticks)

looks cool. always be careful when doing this. one final thought... ever tried to start a fire with a magnifying glass? it gets very close to starting but doesn't. (usually smokes and sparks but it's pretty hard to get a fire going). the trick is to use lint from the dryer. place "dryer lint" inside a cardboard dowel (the ones that toilet paper is typically wrapped around). then, using the magnifying glass, focus the sun onto the lint and at the same time blow some air onto the spot you are heating. with a little luck it will burst into flames.



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