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So, have you ever walked into a toy shop and saw a plane flying in circles above your head?
Well, if you have, then now it's your chance to make one!
I made this because I'm going back to school really soon and this should help me relax...ore else I'll panic!!
You will need...
paper (100 gsm+), printer, hot glue gun, tape, pin, string, glue stick, watch battery (or lightweight RC toy batteries if you still have them)
and motor with propeller from old RC plane kits.
Step1, print out your papercraft templates from this website-§ion=10&category=49&Itemid=169
Step2, cut out the templates
Step3, use the glue stick to glue your plane model together
Step4, use the glue gun to glue the motor to the plane, make sure the wires are not in the way of the propllers
Step5, tape the wires to each side of the watch battery, change sides if your propellers are rotation in the wrong way, you want the wind to blow backwards in order for your plane to go forward.
Step6, glue the string to around half way from the propeller.
Step7, tie the string to the pin
Step8, push the pin into your ceiling
Step9, let your plane fly in circles:) Thanks, and enjoy!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    By attaching a thin metal rod (like a wire coat hanger) to the paper aircraft at its center of gravity with a clay counterbalance weight at the other end of the rod and the string at its midpoint, the model aircraft might be made to fly in a more realistic horizontal circuit, rather than a perpetual tailspin-stall.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, good point. However i think I just don't have enough power in my motor:(