Make Gift Cards a SMASH





Introduction: Make Gift Cards a SMASH

Some people are really difficult to buy for and gift cards can seem lacking in effort (and fun). This is a great way to add the element of surprise and shenanigans to the gifting experience.

Items Used:
Measuring cup
Mixing bowl
Mold (final shape) I used a Home Depot mixing container from the paint section
Item to keep the gift card safe, used a gift card holder from Home Depot
1+ box of PermaStone
Tap water
Mixing spoon
Gift card
Few items to weigh down gift card holder, used a few nuts and bolts

To bring while "opening" gift:
Safety Glasses

Step 1: Mixture

Determine how much of the mixture you'll need to build your mold and completely cover the gift card. If your mold is larger, you will need more than one box of PermaStone. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off (internet) coupon, costing me around $5 for the box.

The directions from the box said to mix 1.5 parts PermaStone to 1 part water or like a pancake mix consistency. I utilized the entire box and had to add a little more water than the directions suggested, keeping it like pancake mix.

Step 2: Pouring the Mold

I learned an important lesson on this step. I tried to hold the gift card holder down as I poured the mixture over it in the container. The holder floated to the top and I had to scramble to take it out, clean it off, add items to weigh it down (I used a few nuts and bolts) and re-submerge.

I've included a picture of what it looked like after the batter was poured with the submerged gift card and holder.

Step 3: Final Steps

The mold will need to set for at least 30 minutes. When I checked mine at 30 it wasn't ready. You can tell because the mold will be at room temperature once cured (it gets nice and warm while it's hardening). I can't say how long it took exactly, as I let mine set overnight. The next morning I squeezed the container all the way around and very lightly used several small taps with a hammer to loosen the mold.

It came out looking really nice. Quite an impressive product, with a marble like quality.

You'll want to write something on your mold so your recipient understands. I was short on time and used a standard Sharpie instruction, "Break Me!"

I wrapped the...what do I call this thing... Gift card Vessel??? in styrofoam and threw in a pair of safety goggles (you WILL want these, as little chips will fly). Finally I wrapped this gift in a plain box, used painters tape (for color) and taped his new hammer to the outside of the box.

Step 4: Oh What Fun!

On Christmas morning the recipient unwrapped his "gift". I had cardboard setup outside so he could make a mess. Everyone was smiling and laughing at the idea and cheering him on as he smashed it open with the hammer. I was pleased with the amount of time this took, a few minutes, which was perfect!

I hope you enjoyed. Please take this idea and run with it. You could use a fun mold, paints, or an item besides a gift card.



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    17 Discussions

    This idea ROCKS! My Father-In-Law usually gets a home improvement gift card from us (I HATE gift cards) because he already has everything. This is a definitely a fun alternative. My Mother-In-Law will get a PINK hammer ...and yes, they do make them :)

    This is a great Idea for those destructive people you know !

    This is SO great! Currently thinking of which of my friends have upcoming Bdays!

    Clennon1, the crayon idea is really great. I think I'll do that for mom next year with a couple of those coloring books for adults she's been ooh'ing over.

    3 replies

    Why wait a year? Valentine Day (this would be so nice on a cold winter day), and Mothers Day are coming up! She'll love it!

    Great idea! I might end up doing that too. I saw someone else post something about a heart shaped idea. Instead of the bucket, you could use a mold and mold it in any shape, including the Death Star and tickets to see Star Wars. You could also do a Popcorn bucket design and have tickets to different movie. If you feel like it, paint it too. Have fun with it. Just do not make it so nice that nobody wants to break it to get the surprise inside, haha.

    This would be neat in a heart shape for V-day. I hope you'll share results/pictures if you try.

    This is awesome! Every year we give my cousin cash, but never straightforward (this year was a box of crayons with dollar bills wrapped around them). I'll have to try this for sure next year!

    5 replies

    I love it when people do fun stuff like that! I wish my family did it.

    They will just as soon as you start it! Have fun!

    I can guarantee you I will have fun with this. The only problem is that the card holder you used is Home Depot. I can not use a home depot one, my dad works for Lowe's. Haha. I know a few other option though do not worry. This will be way to much fun to pass up on.

    Great, you'll have to let us know how it turns out! Include pictures!

    I will tell you how it turns out but pictures, only of the finished product. I used a fake name on here and I do not want this name associated with my real face.

    What a unique and wonderful idea. I"m going to have to remember this one.