Make Google Play With You

Introduction: Make Google Play With You

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hey friends !

i am telling you some ways to play with google ,these are truly fun .please try all of them .you'll love them.

Step 1: Tricks

  • drag any image from google to its search bar and let google name the image.
  • get outside the us by
  • get retro google by searching google in 1998
  • make google full pge roll by searching do me a barrel roll
  • search google gravity and click on first search result
  • search askew and the whole google page will tilt.
  • tell google to flip a coin by entering flip a coin
  • tell google to roll a die

  • type in webdriver torso and hit enter and watch google logo turn into moving blocks.
  • search blink html and see some words blink.

Step 2: Games

  • calculate bacon no. of any celebrity by just entering their name with bacon number.
  • For example-michael jackson bacon number
  • challenge-try to find bacon number over 2.
  • play a retro google game in google images
  • search for atari breakout in images

  • turn google search into an arcade game.
  • Google “zerg rush”, and try and stop the “o” invasion. A Zerg Rush is an overwhelming attack in a video game. More fun than it sounds.

  • search google pacman and press enter
  • then click on the image

  • when you get a black and white screen with a enter you can also use up and down arrows to play


  1. ctrl+shift+t opens up you last closed tab
  2. press ctrl+enter to add .com to any word you type in the url bar
  3. hold down ctrlwhen clicking a link to open in a new tab
  4. turn your browser into a notepad.

data:text/html,%20<html%20contenteditable><title>notepad</title> ctrl+shift+n to open an incognito browser windo.w

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    3 years ago

    Very cool! My favorite is blink html.