Make Hulk Smash Hand Gloves at Home

Introduction: Make Hulk Smash Hand Gloves at Home

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In India these kind of merchandises do not have big market, we are opening slowly. There are options to buy them from US and ship to India. Many sites help you to this, but cannot understand how to order. So decided to make it at home.. Hope you all like this

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Step 1: What Do We Need to Make It

1. Sponge used to paint - 8

2. Rubber solution

3. Scissors

4. Stick

5. Sketch pen - any color

6. Emulsion Paint and brush

Step 2: Draw a Rough Sketch

Use your hand as reference and draw hand like figure on the Sponge, We need- Place to put hands or hold on - Fist like 3 to 4 times scale

Step 3: Curving

Use heavy duty scissors, normal cutters or knifes do not work.

Even heating cutter on flame is useless

Be careful while cutting, no one should disturb you while cutting

Step 4: Stick It

Use rubber solution to stick all the parts. Use small plastic stick to apply the solution. The rubber solution is flammable and very sticky.

FYI Fevicol does not work....

Step 5: Paint It

Used emulsion paint to paint this. Used one part paint and 3 parts water. Leave them to dry for 24 hours

Step 6: Just Play

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These hulk smash hands look great! Very nice work, and a great first instructable too.

    I hope we see many more projects from you!


    Reply 5 years ago