Make It Extreme's Jumping Bike-scooter

Introduction: Make It Extreme's Jumping Bike-scooter

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The team of make it extreme has created an unusual vehicle as this week’s construction. Because of its uniqueness as we have not seen something similar to this yet, we called it ‘jumping bike’ as to move it we need to do some jumps on it.

Step 1: Scooter-Bike

Our vehicle with the number 0067 looks like something between a scooter and a bike. At its front part, there is a wheel while at the back side there are two wheels. It is quite tall so it can be used on the streets and on the sand. However, the main reason of making it was its interesting mechanism that we needed to create it and it can inspire many other manufacturers to make various other projects. Without being certain, we think that this bike is the first in the world that works in this way.

Step 2: Start

First of all, we started making the particular construction using an old fitness machine that was modified taking the jumping bike’s body. The body of this bike is consisted of two parts that are connected with a common central axis. Also, a spring holds both of these bodies steadily and they are only moved when they feel the human’s weight on them. While they are bended, they shape an angle of 60 degrees unlike when they accept the load on them the angle becomes 180 degrees.

Step 3: Finish

Furthermore, the front movable part is connected with chains using a mechanism located at the other movable part, which is on two gears. Therefore, when somebody jumps on it and the body stretches, the chains are stretched too. Thus the gears are coming back to move the pulley. Additionally, when the human’s weight is removed from the bike the gears are taking their initial position and to make it move again, another leap should be made.

Generally, the particular mechanism turns the horizontal move into a spinning one. The final move of the wheels is caused by a pulley through a belt placed on the axis and reaches the wheels. Even if the particular bike is not so ergonomic as a common bike, it is still enjoyable and interesting to ride it as it is something out of the common. Closing, we are very happy adding another vehicle in our collection and we are already prepared to make the next vehicle!

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    Question 9 months ago on Introduction

    I want to do it as my project work. So can i get the description of the jumping cycle.
    Eagerly waiting for your response.
    Please ping me on Facebook @vishnu_loya
    Contact : +916301091936
    Thank You.


    Question 1 year ago on Step 3

    Wanted to buy it (jumping bike scooter) ? Is it for sale ? And at what price will it cost?


    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    Team Extreme - I have an idea I want to develop and hoped that we can cooperate on that.

    Please mail me if interested. Thank you, Ronen.


    Question 2 years ago

    please give a report on jumping bik


    3 years ago

    F******g Awesome!!