Make It Glow.... Safely!

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In this instructable, I would like to share a demonstration about the importance of making it Glow safely.

Here's a video of this demonstration

Step 1: Parts for This Project

1. Two wall outlet transformers with AC outputs of equal volts. Mine are 12v ac and 15v ac.

2. A low wattage 120vac lamp.

3. Voltage Meter (optional)

4. 120 vac power source

Step 2: Preparing

Strip the ends of the wire of both transformer leads and splice them together.

Step 3: Connect the Lamp

1. Wedge the plug end of the lamp to one of the transformer plug ends. Don't touch this end when power is on.

2. Plug the other transformer into a 120vac power source.

Step 4: Optional Meter

Use the meter to read the differences between the coil voltages.

Step 5: Main Breaker

1. Always turn the Main Breaker off before turning on any backup power source.



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