Make Laser Cut Acrylic Box With Nuts and Screws

Introduction: Make Laser Cut Acrylic Box With Nuts and Screws

This instructable shows how to build a laser cut acrylic box with embedded nuts, which can be fastened by flat head screw.

I've used polycarbonate nuts. This nut is transparent and can be bonded to acrylic with acrylic cement.

Step 1: Cut Acrylic Pieces

When design the case, prepare holes for screws and slot for nut.

Step 2: Bond Nut to Acrylic Piece

Push nut in place, add a small drop of cement to bond the nut. Don't add too much as it may go inside and melt thread.

It would be better to test the nut before you bond it. If the nut is not working, it will be hard to take it off.

Step 3: Create Countersunk Hole

we can use a countersink bit to drill a countersunk hole for flat head screw.

This is pretty straight forward as there is already a hole. You just need to make sure the depth is correct.

Step 4: Bond Interlock Edges

For the interlock edges. I use rubber band to hold everything together and bond them with cements.

Step 5: Fasten Box With Screws

Fasten the box with screws!

Screw should rest in countersunk hole and holds the nut.

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