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This instructable shows you how to use the MakeMP3 player kit, velleman amp, and an old blank CD case to make a little portable radio.

Its using a theme I came up with for the Y.A.I.A.

Step 1: Parts

-MakeMP3 Player kit.
-Velleman Amp K8066
-RadioShack 1/8" Panel Mount Jack: 274-249
-RadioShack 4AA Holder: 270-383
-RadioShack 9v Snap Connector: 270-324
-RadioShack Mini Toggle: 275-624
-Film canister or other tube like thingamajig
-Zip tie
-6 nuts/bolts
-Speaker out of a computer speakers, preferably broken speakers no need to ruin a good set.
-5 momentary push button switches (N.O.)

-Wire strippers
-Screw driver

Step 2: Speakers

Remove your speaker from it's case. Mine had this little tweeter deal on it. So I cut two holes in the CDR case cover. One on top for the speaker and one on the side for the tweeter.

I attached my speakers with nuts and bolts.

Step 3: Cut the Base

I cut the post off right above my support the make mp3 player.

I used a 1-1/8" -> 1" threadless stem adapter as the pedestal, but you could us a film canister or any tube really.

Step 4: Drill

You will need 6 holes in the CDR cover case,

2 for the volume buttons
2 for the track selectors
1 for play/pause
1 power switch.

I would put them all on the upper half of the CDR case.

Step 5: Solder

It's time to put together the MakeMP3 player kit.

Follow the instructions that come with it, its easy and the PDF is very helpful. I would plug it in to a solderless breadboard and make sure it works before going further.

Step 6: Solder

Now its time to solder the Velleman Amp. Once again, could not be easier.

Hmmm I didn't take a pic of that 3w kit, here is the 7w kit.

Step 7: Drill Holes for the Amp And....

Drill holes in the bottom of the CDR case for mounting the amp and the AA battery holder.

Step 8: Drill Holes for the MakeMP3...

Drill holes in the CDR blank to use as the mount for the MakeMP3 kit.

Step 9: Solder the Power Switch.

Solder the power switch, go from the 9v snap connector (on the AA battery holder) to the switch. From the switch go to the MakeMP3 player kit, and the amp.

Step 10: Solder the Pushbutton Switches

Time to solder the pushbutton switches. The switches all share a common ground with the mp3 player. Cut long pieces

Step 11: Hook the Mp3 Kit Up

Hook the mp3 player kit up. I will probably take this apart again later, so I am using a solderless breadboard for this.

Look at the MP3 player kit for the pin outs.

Step 12: Close It Up

Time to close it up and rawk.



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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Just being curious why didn't you use a head phone jack for this

    i like the idea of the CD thing you could put round circuits on them and use it as a very neat stacker

    Da NugestaDa Nugesta

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    those speakers came from an altec lansing system i had a look at my speakers after this instructable and what do you know they are the same as the ones in this instructable