Make Master Shake's Cousin, Mr. Soda

Introduction: Make Master Shake's Cousin, Mr. Soda

For added joy on my birthday (and to drive people crazy, like wearing mis-matched socks - why are people so concerned?) I made this at work. It somewhat resembles the character "Shake" from AquaTeenHungerForce, but I was drinking soda, hence, this is "Soda", not "Shake". Wouldn't want to infringe on any copyrights. For fun. On my birthday. I enjoy making it "talk", and say rude things that I am not known to say. (I am new to instructables, and trying not to post stuff thats already been done here, all I saw was the crocheted MasterShake and Meatwad.) Just have fun! 

Step 1: Find These Things:

    two white paper or styrofoam 16oz drink containers
    one lid and straw
    a little bit of poster board for the "hands"
    a marker

Step 2: Cutting Out Some Stuff (or Maybe Not)

Cut out two hands/arms from posterboard, cut two slits in the outer container, one on each side, slip them in and tape (optional - might be fun to pull out an arm and listen to him scream, occasionally) You can get as elaborate as you want. Mine are uber simple, posterboard, but maybe you could glue on some arms off an old He Man doll, and carry around your protein drinks in it. The sky's the limit. 

Step 3: Slap It Together Hastily!

Put the two containers together. The uncut one goes inside the one you cut and put arms into. Now draw the mouth and eyes. Take into account the area that will be covered by the lid. Again, I did eyes and a mouth, following the typical features of the species, but you could put lipstick on it and make a girlcup, or use a Mr. Taterhead nose. Go crazy. It's your world.

Step 4: It Is Alive!

Now fill with chosen beverage, add lid and straw, then go out into the world together, but beware, beverages usually don't hold back. They say exactly what they are thinking as soon as it pops into their head. You might think twice before introducing him to your boss... Same goes if you told him thing you shouldn't have about your girlfriend...
(If you are going to make one of these, you probably don't care what people think anyway, just know that there are people who will not get it, and some people get upset when grownups have this much fun.) Heh-heh-heh.... 

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