Make Me in Wool, You Will!

This three inch tall, Yoda is made from felted wool.  Yoda's coat is actually wool from our friend's sheep.  I made his core by needle felting polyester batting into a body and a head, seperatly.  I covered Yoda's head with mixed green wool and felted it onto the core.  Next, I felted two ears and attached those to the head.  I "sculpted" his head by needling his mouth and eye sockets.  Then I attached a nose and two small eyes.  I decided to leave him "cute" instead of making too many wrinkles as he is in, ahem, REAL life.  :)

For his body, I added dark brown wool down the middle front of Yoda, then covered the back and sides with a lighter gray wool from our friend's sheep.  I formed his arms, hands and feet seperatly and added those after the body was complete.  Lastly, I felted a walking stick out of the dark wool, which actually took longer than the body or the head!  Making a "hard" felt takes some time when needle felting!  Once I completed that, I attached it to his hand, measuring to make sure it hit the floor. 

Tada!  Made from wool, he is!  :)



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    Thank you! Next time I post a felted project, I will take more pics. I built Yoda, THEN my brother said, "you should enter him in the contest at Instructables". Now that I know how it all works, I will take more process shots. Promise. Needle felting is fun. :)