Make Mittens From Old Sweaters DIY




Intro: Make Mittens From Old Sweaters DIY

Let's give those shrunken, worn out sweaters a second life by turning them into warm little mittens! With just a few simple materials and the most basic hand stitch you can do, you'll have your very own handcrafted mittens in minutes! Pick a sweater with lots of pattern or add your own decor with buttons and thread.

•  Wool sweater (at least 80% wool, but preferably 100%)
•  Marker or pen for tracing
•  Scissors
•  8-10 straight pins
•  Embroidery floss matching the color of your sweater
•  Sewing needle
• Buttons and additional embroidery floss for decorating

Full step by step tutorial:



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is so easy and at smart at the same time. Love it, thank you for sharing it :)

    Oh! Those are so cute and easy to do! I love the way you decorated them. It's so simple, but really stands out :)