Make Motion Activated Camera From Old Webcam

Introduction: Make Motion Activated Camera From Old Webcam

Hi there. Have you ever asked yourself how to make Motion Activated Camera without motion sensor,buying electronics,or spending hours soldering , well this is your chance.
The easiest way to make it..

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Step 1: Webcam

Probably most of us have old,unusable webcam so it's time to make it our spy or our "guardian angle"

Step 2: Dorgem

You just have to download the app from the link and run it.
After it's installed open it up. or direct download link

Step 3: Folder

Create a New Folder anywhere you want and name it as you wish.
I named mine security cam.

Step 4: Chose Your Camera

Select your webcam. Make sure it's connected properly.

Step 5: Video Scource

If you want to change your camera setting such as Brightness,Contrast... Just click Source than Video Source window will open
Than I suggest you to mark " Mirror Flip"
This will make camera take real pictures not mirrored

Step 6: Caption Settings

Click Caption Setting -> Add -> Text -> OK
Than type any name you want
After done that
Type the box named Text:
I named mine Camera %G%g
This is the name that pictures taken from cam are going to have it.
%G%g is to save it in form of data.
After done that click OK

Step 7: Store Setting

Click Store setting -> Add -> mark File -> OK
Than in File Store Settings type the box named Name:
I called "scam"
After you done that click "Interval"
And this will tell your cam how often it will take pictures after a motion is detected.
In the File name box choose the folder created before in step 3.
Than type File name:
Again scam %G%g and than click save

Step 8: Options

Click options than mark " use motion detection"

Step 9: Video Format

In this step you can choose your webcam resolution
Higher resolution,better picture quality,and more kbytes
To do that click Format -> Resolution

Step 10: Preview Window

If you want to see what cam sees click " Preview"

Step 11: AVI

If you want to record a video when motion is detected
Click Options-> AVI -> Use AVI Archive
Than select folder and choose Frames Per Second (fps)
Fps are how many times camera is going to take a picture in each second
I chosen 30fps to have more detailed video

Step 12: Final Step; Auto Capture

Position Webcam in the object or anything you want to protect or anything else
Than mark Auto Capture
Right now your Motion Detection Camera is activated

Hope you enjoyed that...

Step 13: Result

Some Auto Captured pictures

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks handy for catching a younger sibling in the act of sneaking into one's room....