Make My MotorBridgeCape Work!

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Intro: Make My MotorBridgeCape Work!


  • First off...
    • Why does my MotorBridgeCape not work when I open up the box and attach it to the BBB/BBG?
  • Secondly...
    • Who is there to assist in times when things do not go well with the MotorBridgeCape?

All in all, the device works and there are specific items that need to be addressed before this specific Cape can work with your current, past, or future Linux Distro.

If you look at the photographs, you can probably put all of it together yourself. I will just add some commentary so that things do not get too confusing. At first, especially since I have only owned this specific cape for about eight months, I was reluctant to keep using it because of an issue with its workings.


P.S. I will discuss more in the next couple of slides. Oh and I could have not figured out anything unless people from the Site helped me. There were people from their company that pitched in and a couple of people that had similar issues all banding to make this issue fade.

Step 1: RE: Step One and Getting Some Footing/Seth

Hello Again,

Again...the photos are for fun. Enjoy them, read them, and look over them. If you get the MotorBridgeCape from SeeedStudio, you can most likely be helped with this info. from the photos and the commentary in English.

  • First:
    • Plug in your board with the USB to your computer and add the Ethernet so you can have access to the www.
  • Second:
    • Use an SSH client like PuTTY or Cloud9 (
  • Third:
    • Sign into the board, respectively BBG/BBB.
  • Fourth:


We should have our software in our home directory, e.g. root@beaglebone:~/MotorBridgeCapeforBBG_BBB#.

Once you have used your "ls" command to find out what is in your directory, go ahead and search through it. Please do not change anything just yet. I will leave that for you to advance in. I just want my experience to grant you access to your MotorBridgeCape. We have a piece of software, some hardware, and nothing works just yet.


P.S. We will encounter what to do very soon!

Step 2: RE: Gaining Ground and Looking for What Works/Seth

Hello Again,

Redundant yes. Helpful...oh yea! We have some new photos to dig through. This should be helpful.

  • As you can tell:
    • We use cd /boot from our home directory or root.
    • We then use the command ls to find a file in the /boot directory.
      • This file is the .txt file uEnv.txt.
      • Use your favorite editor to edit this .txt file.
      • I used "nano."
      • It is very simplistic.
    • Once we add the command nano uEnv.txt, you will see what is in the file.
  • Scroll down and find where you are in Kernel v4.1.x and find your second line under that Kernel listing in the .txt file.
    • The second line is listed like this:
      • #cape_enable=bone_capemgr.enable_partno=
      • Okay...
        • It should look like this edition instead of the current configured selection.
          • First...delete the comment mark "#" and add the selection BB-UART2 after the last equal sign.
          • So, it looks like this.
          • cape_enable =bone_capemgr.enable_partno=BB-UART2
          • REBOOT!

Make sure your add-on cape is on working and not on standby. There is a switch on the center, left section of the MotorBridgeCape.


P.S. So...we should have a working board now.

Step 3: RE: Oh and I Did Forget/Seth

Hello Once More,

Update the firmware...

That is it! It should work now. The updated firmware should run well and now you will be able to run DC Motors, Servo Motors, and Stepper Motors.



P.S. One last thing: go and get python-smbus downloaded to your Adafruit_BBIO software/dto. If all else fails, contact someone at or I can walk you through issues that pertain to updating firmware and adding your python-smbus to your already configured system.



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