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Today i will show you How To Convert old smartphone Camera Into night Vision Camera Very Cheap But Useful Hack

When you get your new phone you usally just keep your old phone non working ( in drawers) so this is great hack that will turn it into a useful night vision camera ,FOR FREEE!

Every Camera Sensor Has Ability To See Infrared i.e. Thermal Part of The Light But The Infrared Blocking Filter Inside Digital Camera's Protects The CCD Sensor From Burning With High Energy Infrared Light Such as Sunlight .Now , If We Remove The Blocking Infrared Filter The Camera Can Also Able To See Infrared Part of The Spectrum of Light ! Now if we use ir illuminator ,all of the sudden you can see in the dark

Now You Have Ability To See in the dark Almost Like The Professional Camera's Fujifilm X-T1 & Sony Xray Cameras or The Seek ,Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Just For Very Cheap !

Watch Full Video Here

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Step 1: Is It Magic ( How It Works?)

Every Digital Camera Has CCD Sensor Which Is Capable To See Infrared Spectrum of the light ,but since long exposure of infrared light can cause permanent damage to the sensor ,so infrared blocking filter is used to solve this problem .

If We Remove Infrared Filter From Lens It Is Possible To See Infrared Beauty !

In This Image There Are Different nm lens Filters Are Used To acchive Different Effects . So Theoretically You Can Use Any Camera For This Hack Like Your Dslr, Cellphone Camera or a(10$) Dashcam Just Like I Used , Remember Cheaper The Camera Easier Your Job Will Be

Step 2: Let's Make Your Own Night Vision Cam

★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

1) 3W Infrared LED

2) Mini Dc Step Down Converter

3) Heatsink

4) Usb Cable

5) Screwdriver set

Making Infrared IR Illuminator !

Ok So First Let's Build Invisible ir illuminator ,i have added links so you can buy parts easily (we may receive some commission if you buy and support us)

1. First Connect 5v to your step down converter

2. set 2v output by turning its small potentiometer

3. now connect ir led to its output

4. connect heatsink to led

And IR Illuminator is ready !

Step 3: Reaching to the Camera !

# Step By Step Process

1. Open Your Smartphone by removing screws at back

2. Remove Any Flex Cable Or battery Wires Safely.

3. You Can The See Camera Module

ATTENTION : For Next procedures avoid using any sharp tools and take your time to do it ,otherwise you may end up scratching your image sensor .

Step 4: Hacking Your Camera Into Infrared Camera

1. Now Take Out your Camera module completely , if your module loooks similar to mine . if its diffrent then proceed to next step directly.

2. Now You Have To Access The Infrared Filter , It May Be inIn The Circular Lens Assembly Or Inside Squre Image sensor , To See Where the filter is try unscrewing lens from camera , Now You Can See Red-ish looking IR Filter.

3. Now Remove That IR Filter , If that's Stuck just break it with screwdriver tip . After Successfully removing Ir Filter Your Mod Is Done

4. Fit The Camera Properly . Dont screw your phone yet !

Note : Handle CMOS Sensor Carefully its delicated , i will not be responsible for any damage.

Step 5: Fixing the Focus

1. Now Test Your Camera , If you done everything right you may see camera working but its out of focus , so try screwing the lens till yo see sharp image from camera

2 Now Fit every screw of the camera and phone as before

So Hardest Part Of The DIY is Done Now we ill need to build IR Illuminator .

Step 6: The Fun Part ! (Night Vision !)

I have to tell you this mod works really well , with only 2 ir led's i can able to see 10 m of distance in complete darkness !

You really have to check out this video to see some sample footage at night !

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    9 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This makes it look easy thanks for a great instructable. I had planned on using a 10w 940nm IR because the led doesn't show a glow will there be any difference in the camera set-up


    1 year ago

    I'm on the slow track to build a wearable set of IR glasses using a 940nm 10w led because it give no visible light I have read that the lower bands the leds give a faint glow of red but it is an interesting idea of using an old phone thanks


    1 year ago

    Great! =D


    1 year ago

    Buy a cheap smartphone VR adaptor and make it hands free! ( IE google cardboard)


    1 year ago

    Excellent hack and a good idea, but let’s be clear to avoid confusion it is not thermal imaging. I will give it a go myself,thanks.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Actually, it is, just unprocessed. Thermal imaging is processed ir that is calibrated to a specific blackbody temperature. This camera would be bad for that since the ir sensitivity is terrible. Professional CCDs need to chill the sensor to achieve the proper range for that.


    1 year ago

    I used the method linked to make a filter to block out everything but the IR spectrum.... but it require lots of light. i'll have to try this out.


    1 year ago

    Interesting Instructable, thanks for sharing!

    hadi engineer

    1 year ago

    it's a great idea and very fun to do. I have a very old java base sonyerricson phone. I'd like to do the same thing whit it but it can be pretty cool if I (somehow) reprogram it so it only be a night vision camera. thank you for sharing this anyway.