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Introduction: Make Noteholders From Recycled Reports

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I am retired now, but while working in a hospital lab, it was part of my job to clean out all the reports filed for the previous month(s).  It seemed like such a waste of what could be valuable note paper which were always in demand, and at the time save the money spent on notepads, post-it-notes, and so on. So I came up with the idea of making small boxes to hold the note paper which is cut to size to fit in the box(s) we make for this instructable.

Step 1: Salvage Paper Slated for Waste or Shredding.

I had to discard reams of used reports at the end of the month. These reports were printed on standard 8.5x11 inch copy paper,and were only printed on one side of the paper.

Step 2: Cut the Paper to Fit Your Box(s)

I made my note paper 3.25x5 inches which is a good, convenient size.

Step 3: Make Boxes to Hold the Notes

See my instructable:  to make your boxes. Simply alter the dimensions of the box and make it any size you choose. This can be a fun craft for home use as well. The picture you see that is covered in "hot dog" paper is in use on my kitchen counter.

Step 4: Place a Box by Every Phone and at All Workstations

A very practical and simple idea to make some jobs/chores easier.



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    10 Discussions

    Wonderful! Now, I must run and make several ~ one for each desk and phone here ;)

    Great re-use of material! I'm curious, though, about how this might be viewed in light of HIPPA. You mentioned that you were diverting material that was otherwise destined to be shredded -- was this material that fell outside of HIPPA anyway, or was it just not a big deal?

    Not trying to be critical, but I just don't want anyone to accidentally open themselves up to a lawsuit!

    Nice job C'man! I have made lots of boxes from your other instructable, but never for recycled note paper. Great idea!

    How do you wrap the top edges to make it look so neat?

    1 reply

    Thanks for this, Cman! I'm always recycling printer paper, and could use a nice box to hold it. Your pattern will be quite handy.

    I like this idea
    Ive got some old road maps and I think I could put them to use on a project like this.
    The final box could be given a coat of varnish to add some shine and some durability

    1 reply

    Nice boxes! The hot dog one is really funny, from the small picture I thought that was a real hot dog.

    1 reply