Make Olaf From Frozen

Well this is not as much of a how to as it is a "snowcase" (if you see what I did there;) ) here are some very vague instructions.

1: make two snowballs (one smaller than the other) and carve off the tops so they are discs/plates then stack them

2: do the same thing for the feet but make them smaller then use a little but of water and snow to fuse them together

3:make an oval/pear shape and pack some snow at the front then carve out some of the snow at the top and carve out the mouth

4:get some sticks and then (use the stick or a spoon or something to) carve out a care out a hole for the sticks to go in and put them in

5:get something to support the head and attach it to the body, I used toothpicks

6:get a carrot and finish up the details

Thanks for looking at this instructable "snowcase" of Olaf

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    4 years ago

    This is totally awesome! Great work!