Make PCB Arduino Componen Tester V07

Introduction: Make PCB Arduino Componen Tester V07

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Step 1: Make PCB Arduino Tester

Then if i use Arduino UNO R3 Board, this is not effectiv for this tester. So i make PCB. i used PCB wizard Program to make this PCB.

Step 2: How to Print PCB ?

I used HP P1102 printer laser jet, and ii print on Glossy Paper 120 Gram.

Step 3: How to Transfer This to PCB ?

I used Iron to trasfer PCB layout from glossy paper to PCB. this about 4-5 minutes for iron. (you must have feeling to do this). Then release the glossy paper. The Toner can put on PCB. and ready for Etching.

After etching clean toner with Thinner/gassoline, you can have nice PCB.

Step 4: Assembly Arduino Tester

You can Put this sketch on Arduino Board, then pick up your IC 328 from arduino board, then put on your New PCB. For simple you can put the LCD display behind the pcb.

Download this project this link

complete step you can visit my website :

and watching the video on :

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hi, here a better accuracy Version, its the V1.13 from TransistorTester adapted to the Arduino Editor.
    You find the code here in the Arduino Web Editor...
    Read the ReadMe.adoc file for the Hardware hints.

    Test it and Comment here , thanks

    Ardutester UNO.jpg

    4 years ago

    Ok. thanks for your sharing & tutorial sir..
    I made it, but when I tried to test a Resistor 10k, the value in the lcd displaying 4900k (or 5k).. why?


    Reply 3 years ago

    I made it too, I have checked and read that software was work in progress when original author went silent, its still in development software so there are many issues, One website claims that the resistance is the worst in this one, it can only be used for transistor testing (which they said is good) and get and idea of capacitance.

    Inductance didnt worked for me either. Hanged on Mosfets