Make Patrick's Secret Box

Introduction: Make Patrick's Secret Box

The Secret Box is from an episode of SpongeBob. If you haven't seen it, here is a link Supplies: shoebox, extra cardboard, yarn or other string, scissors, and tape.

Step 1: Box

If you want a plain colored box, turn a colored shoebox inside out. From the extra cardboard, cut out a piece of cardboard big enough for the box. Make a crease on part of it. Cut a hole for the string. Tape the other side of the cardboard to the box so it doesn't move.

Step 2: String

Tie a knot at the end of the string. It doesn't really matter how long the string is. Put the string through the cardboard. Tape the knotted end on the bottom side.

Step 3: Secrets

Hide something in the box. In the Secret Box episode it was this picture of SpongeBob.



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