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Introduction: Make Perfume From Incense Sticks

Want to make your own personal fragrance, based on your favourite incense sticks? Well, you can! This is a great way to make your own homemade perfume, or make one as a unique gift! This will smell exactly like the unburnt incense stick.

I always loved the scent of musk and nag champa incense sticks, but never managed to find a perfume that resembled it, so I figured out how to make my own!

There are two ways to do this. Alcohol based spray, or oil based (for rubbing on the skin or your hair). Both are very easy to make, but does need at least a month or two to soak up the scent.

Step 1: Alcohol Based Spray

Rubbing alcohol
Incense sticks

Closed jar
Coffee/tea filter
Spray bottle

Its simple really. Take a few incenses sticks and break them into smaller pieces into the jar, and cover it with alcohol.
I don't use any precise measurements here, because it doesn't make that big of a difference. I usually use two incenses sticks for maybe 100ml alcohol, but it mostly depends on the soaking time. It can't soak for too long!

Store it in a dark place while soaking. Check on it every now and then and give it a sniff to determine how you like it (it can't soak too long, so don't worry if you end up forgetting all about it). Ignore the alcohol stench, as this will evaporate when you use it, leaving only the incense scent behold. Maybe leave a few drops on a piece of cloth, wait a few minutes to test the scent.

Once you think its done soaking, filter it through a coffee filter and put in on a spray bottle.

Warning: Some incense sticks are made with dye, and this usually soaks into to alcohol as well. Be warned that this might stain white or light coloured clothes.

Step 2: Fregnant Oil

Incense sticks
Coconut oil

Closed jar

Much like the spray, you break your incense stick into smaller pieces, and add coconut oil. Again, there is no exact measurements here. I used approximately 100g coconut oil for four incense sticks, but again, I believe the soaking time is really what matters most here.

Store at a somewhat warm place to keep the oil from solidifying. Personally I think the oil needs soaking a bit longer than the alcohol (at least two months), but check every now and then to see how you like it.

Once you're satisfied with the scent, you can filter the incense sticks off (or leave them in, if you like), maybe fill it on another container if you like. Now the oil can be stored cold to keep solid, if you prefer.

You can also pour it into an empty lipbalm container (don't put it on your lips though!) for easy appliance. It can be a bit tricky though (or, at least I haven't found an easy way to do this).



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    I'm going to try heating the oil and incense on a low temp for a few hours and then pouring some oil lamp tarts. If I ever get it done I'll post an update. If someone else tries let me know how it goes.

    I'm shocked you couldn't find Nag Champa in a perfume form, I've been buying it for nearly a decade from Nag Champa's own business site. They have loads of other stuff for those of us obsessed with the smell of Nag Champa. ^_^

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    Thanks :) I guess it depends on where you live.

    great Idea! I love musk and nag champ too so could try this out.

    Cool, great present for girls

    Nice method. I don't know that the perfume could also made with incense stick. Thanks for posting. I will try.