Make Peruvian Punch (alcoholic)

Ingredients: Egg whites, Wine (red), Brown Sugar.

Materials: a mixer or fork.

As for the measurements, it is fairly simple. 3 battered egg whites can serve up to 3 people. For 5 people you need 5 egg whites.Everything else (wine, brown sugar) depends on taste.


- Pour egg whites, into a large mixing bowl. Try not to get any yolk in the bowl.
- Batter with a mixer or a fork until the egg whites have risen to a thick froth.
-Pour on a couple of spoons of brown sugar, this depends on taste. I usually do two full spoons for the 3 egg whites.
- Then continue to mix and pour in your favorite red wine. I usually use Tempranillo wine (my favorite red)
- Then serve on a wine glass and top it with grated cinnamon.
-Also, if you want more wine, serve yourself more. It is never too much.

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