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I've found that a good way to add variety to a garden setting, or on a patio, etc., is to make planter stands for potted plants.  A variety of methods and materials can be used, some of which are very cheap or even free. For example, I salvaged some tree sections when a gardening service was removing some trees. Another time, a telephone pole had been blown down, and I asked the city crews cleaning up if I could get some pieces of the pole that they were cutting up. A section of 4x4, cut to the length you want,and a round piece of plywood, or just a piece of wood can be placed into a hole dug in the ground...then there is brick, of course...the materials seem endless!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm also a fan of stands/pillars in the garden, and I love me some logs - they have a million uses in the garden!  I particularly love what Jeff Pavlat, a Central Texas gardener, has done for raising up a few of his potted succulents.  He was featured on a local gardening show, and I have a hunch you might really like what he's done.  Here's the clip from the show in case it's helpful/interesting:

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    Thanks, are right, I truly like what he's done. Gave me some ideas for projects to be sure. I like the tube concrete to make a few of those! It's truly amazing, isn't it? And it goes to show you, there is nothing new under the sun!