Make Power Bank for Your Mobile Phone at Home

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Hi guys ,

Today we will see how we can make a power bank at home with couple of components . So guys lets get started .

For circuit diagram go to thisGoogle Drive Link<< Click here

Components you'll need :

1. 9V Battery (For test purpose )

2. Micro USB jack

3. Buck converter

4. Soldering components

5. Few wires

Please do connect all the components properly as shown in the circuit diagram .

Also can take help from my Video Tutorial of this project on YouTube

Precautions :

1.Must check the output voltage of the Buck converter before connecting your mobile phone .More than 5V can damage your mobile phone .

2. Do not short circuit anything .

3. Be safe while working with 220V AC & Soldering stuffs .

Hope this tutorial helped you making a power bank at home .If you like this then please take a look at my YouTube channel too .I make videos on electronic stuffs .Please do support me there & also don't forget to #SUBSCRIBE me . Click hereto go to myYouTubechannel .




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