Make Red Angry Birds Pumpkins

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We had a Halloween party, and one of the activities was angry bird pumpkin painting! The kids had a blast, and everyone got to take theirs home. They were easy and a lot of fun!

Foam pumpkins
Red craft paint
White craft paint
Black craft foam
Yellow craft foam
Red feathers
Googly eyes

1. Paint your pumpkin red and white, as shown.
2. Once the paint is dry (play another game while you wait, or paint the pumpkins ahead of time and let the kids add the details) glue on the googly eyes, foam beak and eyebrows. Add the red feathers on top.
3. Let everything dry.

(We did paint the pumpkins ahead of time and let the kids add the details. They had more fun and got to play more games that way.)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    From the pictures I thought the pumpkins were cloth! These turned out very good! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Halloween.

    Those are so cute! It doesn't even look like it was painted. It looks like a solid red Angry Bird!