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This is a short and sweet instructable showing you how to make a simple sheet of plastic for prototyping or making something. In one of the images, I used the plastic, drill, scissors, and a hot-glue gun to make a string/thread dispenser.

Step 1: Gather Materials


1. Laminating Sheets (2 Make about 1 mm)

2. Laminator

That is it! Quick and simple.

Step 2: Laying the Lamination Sheets

Open up both of the lamination sheets if yours are like mine. Lay 1/2 of laminate sheet "a" over 1/2 of laminate sheet "b". Then lay the other 1/2 of laminate sheet "b" over the 1/2 of laminate sheet "a". Then fold the other 1/2 of sheet "b" and your done!

Step 3: Lamination Time

Run the sheet through the laminator. Be sure that it goes in straight. Once it comes out the other end, support it with your hand but don't pull it out! Doing so will result in a weird looking sheet of plastic.

Step 4: Conclusion

Well, now we are done! The sheet of plastic is flexible and translucent. It can be easily cut with a pair of scissors into the shape you want it to be. You can also write on it with a sharpie. To erase, use some rubbing alcohol and a tissue.

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