Make Shift Door Desk



We really needed a Desk for our Kids so we created one using One Old Interior Door,  Two Filing Cabinets and one piece of Particle Board. 

 Step One ...

Locate two Filing Cabinets to be you the legs of your desk...

Step Two ...

Measure Interior Door. Our door was 2Ft by 6.5 Ft. Go to your local hardware store or lumber storeand Buy a Particle Board ... We paid  $7.68 at Home Depot and they cut it for us in to the section we need. We even had enough to add a lip for the front of the desk. 

Step Three ...

Nail or Liquid nail the Particle Board to the Door and place on top of filing cabinets. 

Step Four ...

If you want a more permanent solutions screw the door in place by screwing up through the metal into the door. 

Step Five ...

Paint or leave as is...

We used the left over particle board to make a bulletin board.

Congratulations you have a new desk !



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    3 years ago

    If you don't want to attach the file cabinets to the wood, you can buy the wide molding and attach it on 3 sides of the door. The corners fit nicely at the corners of the file cabinets and don't slide back. The molding also gives it a nice finished look. I love your desk - it's much like one I had a while ago and miss a lot, it's very functionable!