Make Small Bluetoorh Speaker(really Any Soeaker) ALOT Louder/rumbler(surrond Sound Quality).

About: born n raised 765 Indiana. lived in FL 2 years. 5 years of medical school. current ivytech student. went to Rasmussen Ft. Myers FL campus. insomnia. into everything and any craft i can make at all lol

tin soup can and your small bluetoorh speaker or any speaker really.

Step 1: Cut Whole

cut whole in shape of speaker to exact size maybe a hair smaller to be able to snugly fit your speaker.

Step 2: Finish Up & Decorate Your Loud Speaker

makes at leaat 5 times louder no joke... I was super suprised. I added a lil super glue and sealed speaker in with silicone caulk and electrical tape I'm currently collecting caps and lennymiea and coins to do more decor...and you have your iBOOM! put buttons, construction psoer, paint or wharmtever i nitced if u sit under my chair or upside down while watching netflix it sounds like surround sound with that nice damo theatre sound...



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