Make Smart Personal Bank Saving Coin and Cash From Cardboard




Introduction: Make Smart Personal Bank Saving Coin and Cash From Cardboard

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Hello! This is personal bank saving coin and cash from cardboard.

Personal bank saving coin and cash from cardboard Smart, Useful

Let's make it

Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

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Step 1: ​Prepare

Prepare two pens and Use clothes hangers available in the home

Step 2: ​Create Mechanism of Action

Create mechanism of action

Use the elastic to fasten to the pen as shown

Step 3: ​Prepare the Cardboard As Shown

Prepare the cardboard as shown

This is the front and back of the box

Cut the line you drew

Now! Do the previous part ( See the second image )

Step 4: Create Sliding Parts for Coins

Create sliding parts for coins

Create an arc for the cover

Stick it with double-sided tape

Step 5: Prepare the Cardboard As Shown

Prepare the cardboard as shown ( 3 Piecess)

Here are the cardboard around the box

Step 6: Make the Arm Rotate

The radius is 4.5 ( 3 Pieces) and 3.8 ( 2 Pieces) cm respectively

Step 7: Use Elastic Bands to Make the Mechanism Work

Use elastic bands to make the mechanism work

Combining the two operating mechanisms together, we will get a complete apparatus

Step 8: ​Security

Security keys will help protect your account

Remember the security number

The key layer will be on the back of the box

Step 9: Decorate

You can decorate as you like

A little red will make the box look more beautiful

This is definitely the step you like best :)))

Step 10: Let's See the Finished Product

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Thanks you

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