Make Smartphone Stand With Plastic Flexible Pipe.

Introduction: Make Smartphone Stand With Plastic Flexible Pipe.

Smartphone mounter stand by Bulldog clip, Flexible Pipe and 3D Printer part.

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Step 1: Items for Making.

Step 2: Get the Shape of Smartphone.

Adjust the gauge to smartphone and scann it with document scanner.

You will get photo llike this.

Step 3: Make 3D Data for Printer.

I use Blender to make 3D data for 3D printer.

Step 4: Blender Background.

Import scanned smartphone shape into blender as Background.

Step 5: Add Bezier Curve.

Trace smartphone shape with bezier curve.

Step 6: Screw Hole.

Make hole for M8 countersunk head screw bolt.

Step 7: A Part of Flexible Pipe.

You can segment a part of flexible pipe by heating it with hot air gun.

Step 8: Tap.

Tap and make a M8 screw hole on a part of flexible pipe by screw tap.

Step 9: Assemble.

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