Make Soft Worms and Jigs for Fishing

Introduction: Make Soft Worms and Jigs for Fishing

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In the instructable you will learn how to make soft baits. I hope you enjoy this and remember to vote for me.

Step 1: Materials

1. Soft baits or worms

2. Lighter

3. Scissors or a knife

4. Corn Holder

Step 2: Pick Out Your Baits

Pick out two baits that compliment each other. Cut the head or the tail off both baits and swap the parts.

Step 3: Starting the Process

Stick the body of the bait on the corn holder. Take your lighter and set the end of the bait on fire. Drop the lighter and attach the other baits tail or head to the one on fire.

Step 4: The Finish

Light the middle of the joined baits on fire and quickly put out.

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    U r right corb making lizards is fun and making the baits on vacation was fun?

    Great job!! Corbin u r the best

    Great job!! Corbin u r the best