Make Spoon Out of Plastic Bottle




Introduction: Make Spoon Out of Plastic Bottle

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Nice little hack. I note that not only does it make a spoon that is as light and cheap (dumpster-dive at the recycling station for raw materials) as possible, but if you use one as the pattern on the other sides of the same bottle, you can make enough for the whole backpacking family and they will next together into very little volume.

DON'T put those in the dishwasher, though. That PETE (recycle symbol #1) won't take the heat. If you want a dishwasher-safe spoon, start with a HDPE bottle (#2) like those pint milk bottles or a lot of cosmetics/shampoo containers (run them through the dishwasher before use).

A related hack: The lightest and cheapest possible backpacking plate/bowl is the bottom 3 inches of a half-gallon or gallon HDPE (milky white plastic) milk jug. Mark, cut, you're done. And you can stack several of them together.


6 years ago

Handy little survival trick. I used it with my grandson. He's two. My daughter forgot to pack us a spoon on our hike.