Make Tealight Candles With Left-over Wax and Cookie Cutters



Introduction: Make Tealight Candles With Left-over Wax and Cookie Cutters

These beautiful looking tealight candles are made with left-over wax and cut to shape with cookie cutters

Please go through the instructable on how to make the tealight candles with cookie cutters

Step 1: Melt Wax

I have collected all left-over wax at home and put them on a wide pot over very low heat for melting. This isa large pot, so I could not find another larger one to be used as double boiler.

The light grey color of the melted wax is due to mixing of many different colored left-over wax

After melting the wax, I have placed the pot in a corner to cool

Step 2: Cut Star Shaped Pieces

Do not allow the wax to cool completely, otherwise you may not be able to use the cookie cutters. The pot should be warm when you start to cut the wax

  • First, I have used star shaped cookie cutter and cut as many pieces in one half portion of wax.
  • Place the cookie cutter at the edge and press it all the way down
  • After cutting, pull the cookie cutter gently out. You can use a knife at one end and finger nails at other end to lift the cookie cutter

Step 3: Cut Flower Shaped Pieces

  • In the other half I have used flower shaped cookie cutter all over the remaining area
  • You can see the pot with wax and the cuts made with cookie cutters
  • Do not try to take out the candles out at this time.
  • Keep the pan with wax in water and allow it to cool completely. (See last picture)

Step 4: Take Out the Cut Wax Pieces

  • Once the wax is completely cooled, place the pan with wax upside down over an old news paper. This will prevent spoiling the area with small pieces of wax
  • Lightly tap the under side of the pan with a wooden piece. Now most of the cut pieces will fall out from the pan on the paper.
  • If you tap further on the sides, you can take out the entire cooled wax from the pan
  • Gently push out and remove all cut shapes from the wax

Step 5: Add Wick

  • See the first two pictures of cut shapes and remaining portion of wax. The left-over with star and flower shapes can be melted again to make other candles or they can be used as decorative pieces.
  • The thickness of the candle is about half an inch. So I have used one inch long pre-waxed wicks with them
  • With a thin pin or a needle, make a hole through the center of the shapes and insert pre-waxed wick through the hole

Our completed pieces of Tealights are ready

Step 6: How to Take Out the Wax From Cookie Cutters ?

I have used a knife and two cookie cutters from the kitchen. These pieces are coated with wax on sides. I was afraid that my mother will scold me for spoiling these items. But my father advised me to place them in hot water and clean with an old cloth.

Wax is removed from the pieces and they are clean as before

Step 7: The Completed Pieces

See the completed tealight candles here. I have used left-over wax so I could not add different colors to the candles. If you are using fresh wax crystals, then you can add colors of your choice and make them more attractive.

I have packed these tealight Candles in plastic boxes and I will use them on special occasions like some Birthday Party.

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